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There are several ways to support the
work of The Enlighten Foundation.

Visit our NEW Shop!

Directly support Enlighten Learning Center programs in underserved
communities across the globe by visiting our NEW Gift Shop to
choose a specific gift and giving level in support of our Enlighten
Learning Center Project Sparkle Early Learning program or our
Health and Education Program for Women. Select from a variety of
options that include medical supplies, children’s outdoor equipment,
classroom supplies and more.


Support ongoing operations of The Enlighten Foundation.

There are three levels of giving, with names that revolve around stars. That’s because members of the Circle Society are OUR stars, as they continue to shine a light on our path toward creating transformational change by educating and empowering women and their families through the love of Christ.

Circle Society Giving Levels

Morning Star Circle:

$2,000/year or $170/month

Since it introduced the very birth of Christ, we reserved the sacred name Morning Star Circle for these Giving Circle donors. Not only are the women and men in this group a living testimony for those waiting to be called by the Lord, they support The Enlighten Foundation with donations of $2,000 or more annually.

Guiding Star Circle:

$1,000/year or $85/month

Our second Giving Circle is
aptly named the Guiding Star
Circle. This is a group of
committed partners who donate
at least $1,000 annually.

Shooting Star Circle:

$420/year or $35/month

Our Shooting Star supporters
make a commitment to give
at least $35/month to support
our programs.


Cornerstone Donor

Support the mission and purpose of The Enlighten Foundation with significant financial contributions. Through pledges, partnerships and matching grants, Cornerstone Donors contribute a minimum of $2,500 annually in the form of money, stock certificates, oil and gas assets, or planned giving. Cornerstone Donors are honored by exclusive invitation to our annual Cornerstone Celebration dinner in December.

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At The Enlighten Foundation, we take financial accountability very seriously. For additional information or to view our IRS 990 Forms, please contact us by phone at 303-898-7273 or via email at