About Us

The Enlighten Foundation
Bringing the Hope of Christ to women and children around the world.

Our Mission

The Enlighten Foundation is a Christian humanitarian organization
dedicated to educating and empowering women and their families worldwide
through programming that includes personal growth, community service
and global missions.

Our Story

The Enlighten Foundation began in 2001 as a legacy ministry, with the mission of bringing the hope of Christ to women and children throughout the world.

The organization took shape as Founder, Dr. Anne Griffith, realized that although she was a wife and mother, her life lacked a sense of personal purpose under God. She began focusing on economic and spiritual injustice faced by women and their families worldwide.  She’s traveled over a million miles researching how Christian women can work alongside women in emerging nations.

Today, through Enlighten Foundation programs, we empower women and their families by providing them with the educational and spiritual tools and resources they need to transform their own lives and the lives of those around them. Our programs help them find their purpose under God as they move forward on a path of faith, leadership, and service.

Board of Directors


Rosalie Azevedo, Chair

Rosalie met Anne in 2012, by 2013 she was one of the leaders of The Enlighten Foundation San Diego. In 2016 she was asked to join the Board of Directors, serving as Secretary, Co-Chair and eventually becoming Chair in March 2018. She has traveled to Romania, Armenia, and Zimbabwe Enlighten Learning Centers helping to ensure the advancement of the mission of the Enlighten Foundation. Rosalie brings her 25 years of experience working with Non-Profit Boards and a servant leader heart.


Gary Alsobrook, Treasurer

Gary has been a pillar of faith and support for The Enlighten Foundation since its inception in 2001. He brings more than 35 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, overseeing drilling projects and negotiating land deals. Gary’s wife Cindy is also an original Circle Member of The Enlighten Foundation.

“As an active participant in and supporter of The Enlighten Foundation since its inception, I have a deep understanding and knowledge of the organization’s partnerships and participants. I am honored to sit on the Board as Treasurer.”


Dr. Anne Griffith, Secretary

Anne founded The Enlighten Foundation in 2001, and a year later, opened the first Enlighten Learning Center kindergarten to meet the educational needs of vulnerable Roma gypsy families in Romania. Anne’s decades of work on social injustice, began with a focus on runaway children and further developed to encompass the educational, economic and spiritual needs of women and children worldwide. She has traveled more than a million miles, researching how Christian women can work together with vulnerable women and families in underserved communities around the world.

“It’s a joy to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone at The Enlighten Foundation, as we bring the liberation of the Lord to undervalued women and their families, and the Light and Life of Christ to this dark world. Praise God!”


Rori Robinson, General Manager

Rori was introduced to Dr Griffith through a mutual friend in 2013. Looking for a purpose after she and her husband became empty nesters, Rori started her journey of faith with The Enlighten Foundation. Her path has included completing The Journey program and participating in the Let’s Go program having traveled with the group to assist with projects at the early learning centers in the Transylvania region of Romania. She is a current Circle Society member and has been on the Board as a general member since 2019.

John 3:18 "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth"


Christian Seidl, Member

Christian Seidl has been involved with The Enlighten Foundation for over a decade and his wife, Mallory, and has been Cornerstone members for a number of years. Chrisitan brings his experience in communication and business to The Enlighten Foundation and is now a Member of the Board of Directors. When not performing duties as a board member, Christian works in the field of Supply Chain Software Sales and Consulting. Extracurricular activities include landscaping/gardening, spending time with family, and a poor showing of golf.

Director Team


Abbey Nocera, Director of Programming

I have been with The Enlighten Foundation for nearly 20 years. I have been to every country where The Enlighten Foundation has placed a Project Sparkle Early Learning Program.

Recently I rewrote the Preschool and Kindergarten curriculums for our Early Learning Programs to incorporate more learning activities about the Lord.

It has been so fun to see how the children and the mothers have responded to and learned from our programs.

In addition to being a Director, I am a Special Education teacher for an elementary school.

I love teaching and I love working for the Lord.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorder from St. Louis University. My Master’s Degree is in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado .


Kris Van Wormer, Director of Operations

Kris was referred to The Enlighten Foundation by a friend of Bill Griffith’s in 2019. When she met with Anne, she wanted to be involved with The Enlighten Foundation. Kris has worked with many different nonprofits in the past ten years. She is currently enrolled at Colorado Christian University to obtain her degree in Non-Profit Management.

Kris was able to go to Armenia on a mission trip and see first-hand what The Enlighten Foundation does. She was thrilled to work with the teachers, and International Directors even though there was a language barrier. It was exciting to see how The Enlighten Foundation impacted the families in the village in Armenia.


Narine Khachatryan, Director of ELC Armenia

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Geanina Bunta, Director of Let's Go

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